Who we are

LeapsMag is an award-winning, editorially independent digital magazine about scientific innovation, ethics, and the future of humanity.

Our ambition is to catalyze a movement to critically impact how the public views scientific innovation.

Our Vision 

To counter misinformation and the rising distrust of science, LeapsMag publishes rigorously fact-checked, engaging journalism and thought leadership to advance societal change.

LeapsMag's articles, essays, and videos raise awareness of the importance of scientific innovation; reckon with the ethical implications of new technologies; and inspire optimism about how responsible science can improve our lives.

Our Origin 

In 2017, a venture capital division of Bayer called Leaps by Bayer set out to conquer ten huge health and agriculture challenges facing humanity by investing in transformative biotechnologies. As part of their mission to innovate responsibly, they also set out to combat scientific misinformation and to encourage broad public discussion about how new technologies across the life sciences should be implemented.

They realized that a separate, journalistic platform would be best positioned to accomplish these goals. Thus, LeapsMag was born under the autonomous leadership of editor-in-chief Kira Peikoff,

a science journalist with a Master's degree in Bioethics. Leaps by Bayer and other sponsors exert no influence over the content or contributors published in leapsmag.

In 2019, LeapsMag joined forces with GOOD Worldwide to expand its reach. GOOD Worldwide is a Los Angeles-based social impact company and its subsidiary Upworthy is a purpose-driven storytelling platform that reaches 100 million people per month on social media.

In 2020, GOOD began the process of converting LeapsMag to a non-profit organization to underscore its commitment to independence and to enable like-minded partners to join the movement.




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Editor's note

LeapsMag articles do not reflect or represent the views of Leaps by Bayer or other sponsors. All editorial decisions, including what stories to cover and which opinions to publish, are mine alone in service to our readers.

Just as an advertiser exerts no influence over a newspaper's content, I am under no mandate to cover sponsors; they do not oversee my editorial calendar, review articles before publication, or censor critical opinions. – Kira Peikoff

Get involved

We want LeapsMag to be as open a magazine as possible, representing a wide range of opinions from diverse contributors across the globe. We publish scientists, journalists, politicians, thought leaders and others alongside each other, because we believe that the greatest progress will be made by listening to and learning from as many people as possible. With this in mind, we welcome you to get in touch with us to offer feedback or responses to articles, or to suggest how you may be able to contribute: kira@leapsmag.com.